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Erskine Hospital Centenary Garden


Matt was commissioned to design a garden within the grounds to mark 'A Centenary of Care' 1916 to date. The garden was designed for quite reflection, and a location selected within an existing clearing in a woodland setting.  The       garden includes a circular mirror pond at its centre, a seating area backed by a woven hazel screen, looking through a Moon Gate. 


The planting pallet responds to the setting within a woodland clearing and includes evergreen ground cover, white flowering herbaceous planting with a predominance of ferns, contained within a beech hedge.  New tree planting includes a Hornbeam to replace the standing beech stump. 


The circular mirror pond has been constructed from galvanised mild steel edging formed to a 4-metre radius, set on a concrete base.  The mirror pond is raised slightly above the surrounding ground level and edged with reclaimed slate. 

Completed 2017 

Photography by Alexander Adair Photography

To find out more about Erskine and the Centenary Garden visit Erskine Centenary Garden

Contractor Endrick Landscapes

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