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Capability Scotland


MBLA prepared proposals for three Capability Scotland sites, Corseford School, Kilbarchan, Stanmore House School, Lanark and Mercury House, Riccarton Research Park.

Each proposals responds to the existing site and has been designed to meet the specific needs of the end users.

At Corseford School I was asked to design a nautical themed garden. The implemented scheme includes a ship wrecked boat, set within areas of Scottish beach pebbles, amongst planting beds of ornamental grasses to evoke dunes.  Physical features include a new bridge which crosses a dry estuary, an access path and groynes.    

At Stanmore House School the implemented scheme includes an area of artificial grass and a new path network.  A specific requirement of the brief introduced by the school’s parent counsel was the installation of an ‘wheelspin’ accessible play equipment.

At Mercury House the external area was developed as a productive and growing area.  Raised beds have been installed, and a new path circuit with ample turning circles links with an existing retained feature, namely the avenue of Himalayan birch trees.  A yin-yang mosaic created by the service users has been centrally located within the hardstanding area.  Planting includes a beech hedge to contain the outdoor spaces and herbaceous pollinator friendly ground cover planting. 

Corseford School photography by Alexander Adair Photography 

Completed 2018

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