House and Grounds for an Art Collector


MBLA collaboration with MAST architects.

In 2016 as part of the Festival of Architecture the LIS organised a competition for landscape architects and architects to collaborate on a hypothetical competition to design the house and grounds for an art collector

An initial decision was to divide the site into distinct parts and to intentionally place the house and its extended walls at the base of the slope. The house and its landscape are complementary and provide the setting for the diverse collection of artworks to be viewed individually, as we believe the individual artist intended

The landscape proposals included the diversion of an existing watercourse, the creation of a series of cascades within a stumpery and fernery, house and garden courtyards

The introduction of a ha-ha on the south boundary promoted uninterrupted views into the wider landscape

The green roofs to the house and garden studio were in fact 'purple' roofs planted up with native heather

Visualisation courtesy of MAST architects

landscape architect Glasgow


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